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Hate and Free Speech

JAN 29, 2024 | 5:00 PM – 6:00 PM EST | ONLINE EVENT

Panelists discuss the significance of free speech, and its limitations, in the context of controversies over the ways in which speech can relate to antisemitism, Islamophobia and other identity-based racisms.

Roderick Ireland, Distinguished Professor of Criminology and Criminal Justice, Northeastern University, and Former Chief Justice of the Supreme Judicial Court, Commonwealth of Massachusetts

Kent Greenfield, Professor and Dean’s Distinguished Scholar,  Boston College
Andrew Leong, Associate Professor of Philosophy, UMass Boston
Andrew Sellars, Clinical Associate Professor of Law, Boston University

Resources for Hate and Free Speech Panel

Please see the links below for articles, books, and opinion pieces that can be a basis for further discussion.

  • Ambriz, Evelyn; Bradley, Dwuana; Garces, Liliana M.; & Johnson, Brianna Davis – “Repressive Legalism: How Postsecondary Administrators’ Responses to On-Campus Hate Speech Undermine a Focus on Inclusion,” American Educational Research Journal (2021).
  • Bartlett, Katharine & O’Barr, Jean –  “The Chilly Climate on College Campuses: An Expansion of the ‘Hate Speech’ Debate,” Duke Law Journal  (1990).
  • Chemerinsky, Erwin &  Gillman, Howard – Free Speech on Campus (2017).
  • Fiss, Owen – The Irony of Free Speech (1998).
  • French, David – “What the University Presidents Got Right and Wrong About Antisemitic Speech,” The New York Times (December 10, 2023).